Elbow Pain: Understanding Tennis Elbow, Golfer's Elbow, and Elbow Tendonitis

Welcome to AARISH CLINICS, where we provide valuable insights into elbow pain and effective treatments. Our Interventional Pain Management Specialist, Dr. Syeda Shakeela, is here to guide you through the conditions of Tennis Elbow, Golfer's Elbow, and Elbow Tendonitis and how to find relief.

Understanding Elbow Pain

Elbow pain can result from various conditions, and three common ones are Tennis Elbow, Golfer's Elbow, and Elbow Tendonitis. These conditions can cause discomfort, weakness, and reduced function of the elbow joint, affecting your daily life and activities.

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Tennis Elbow

Tennis Elbow, or lateral epicondylitis, is a condition where the outer part of the elbow becomes painful and tender. It is often caused by overuse of the forearm muscles and tendons, leading...

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Golfer's Elbow

Golfer's Elbow, or medial epicondylitis, affects the inner part of the elbow. It is typically caused by repetitive stress and overuse of the wrist and forearm, leading to pain and tenderness.

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Elbow Tendonitis

Elbow Tendonitis is a condition where the tendons that attach to the elbow joint become inflamed. This inflammation can lead to pain, especially when using the affected arm.

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Opting for AARISH CLINICS for elbow pain and related conditions offers several advantages:


Dr. Syeda Shakeela, our Interventional Pain Management Specialist, has a wealth of experience in treating various pain conditions, including those related to the elbow.

Personalized Care:

We believe in personalized treatment plans tailored to each patient's unique needs, ensuring the best possible outcome.

Advanced Techniques:

Our clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and the latest advancements in pain management techniques to provide you with the most advanced care available.

Holistic Approach:

We take a comprehensive approach to managing elbow pain, considering both traditional and innovative methods to bring you lasting relief.

Treatment for Elbow Pain Conditions

At AARISH CLINICS, we offer various treatment options for Tennis Elbow, Golfer's Elbow, and Elbow Tendonitis. These treatments may include:


Pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs to manage symptoms.

Physical Therapy:

Targeted exercises to strengthen the affected muscles and tendons.


Corticosteroid injections to reduce inflammation and alleviate pain.

Minimally Invasive Procedures:

Advanced techniques for long-lasting relief.

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